Wildlife can benefit from Reiki.

A Reiki happy dog.

Gentle Reiki with a cat.

Reiki is for all ages

Reiki can be used for older pets to ease discomfort or help them with end of life.

Code of Ethics

Catherine Sorensen

I will strive to provide a safe and caring environment for all clients both human and animal.

I will treat all clients with honor and respect.

I believe both people and animals are equal partners in the healing process and I honor them as teachers.

I respect an animal's choice of how to receive treatment:  hands on, distance, or in another room.

I understand that both humans and animals have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and that Reiki can have an effect on.

I try to faithfully follow the 5 Reiki Principles daily and practice daily self Reiki.

I work to continually educate myself and to "Be Reiki" in my business, community, and home.

I respect the rights of humans and animals to choose not to have Reiki.

I let go of expectations regarding outcomes and let the Reiki energy be sent to the highest healing good of the client.

A beautiful healing session for the highest good of the client.

Montana Wilderness Reiki

Online scheduling

Here are some views of what to expect from me as a practitioner as well as how it may look for you as a client.