Catherine worked on my 11 year old female Brittany hunting dog who has a persistent arthritic problem in her wrist. It was immediately apparent that she was responding to Catherine's therapy and I was pleased to see some initial results though I believe I will have to do continued therapy with her. I'm new to reiki but I am convinced it is a viable therapy.

Dan, Livingston, MT

I had a migraine 5 days ago and it tweaked some of my neck muscles and I had headaches off an on for 4 days with horrible neck pains. Catherine made a chi ball for me and sent it to me last night for my neck and my headaches. I fell asleep shortly after I accept the energy ball and today I woke up feeling better than I have all week. I was able to continue my workout this morning and had ZERO neck pain or headaches! It did wonders!!

Sarah, Belgrade, MT

I had severe anxiety which kept me from having outings that involved large groups of people (especially family) and kept me from having simple conversations with people. My thought process was very scrambled and I became stressed often over the most simple of things. I would sleep terribly or not at all and would wake up in the middle of the night restless or aching in pain. I was going through a point in my life where I was finding myself and who I wanted to be. I was very emotionally unstable due to a lifetime of negative events. Cate introduced me to Reiki and I was interested right away. We live several miles apart from one another and she sent me my first Reiki a few months ago. A week or two after I had received it I noticed a huge change in my behavior! I started to have full night's of deep sleep waking up refreshed and HAPPY. A feeling i hadn't felt in a very long time. With situations that would normally cause an anxiety attack, I could feel my body slow down and actually analyze the situation in a calm and mellow manner, thus make better decisions of how to react to them. As time went on she had sent me another Reiki and I began to feel changes in my entire body. Not just from my moods and rest, but I started to feel a sense of alignment. Life started to make more sense and I found things didn't upset me anymore. I became a new person entirely! Through this experience, I appreciate what this world has to offer in a way I never had before. Thanks to my stubborn ambition and Cate for sending me her Reiki and believing in me I am proud of who I am and hope everyone has a chance to experience this beautiful gift.

Laycee, Kalispell, MT

In late Aug. of 2015 we elected to adopt a German Shepherd who was being displaced from his second home. Not knowing much of the dogs history, we knew we were facing a potentially troublesome process as can be the case with any rescued pet. It wasn’t long before the neglected creature started barking neurotically, though he had all the elements of comfort provided to him, and biting ALL of the other farm animals and humans. He bit when he wanted to be petted, he bit when you stopped petting him, he bit in fear and he bit through prey drive. He chewed on wooden surfaces and destroyed doors which led him in and out. We worked with him daily on a leash where he would pull like a draft horse and freak out neurotically as if he were full of electricity and hornets. We were at somewhat of a loss as our schedule limited our time with him but we knew something needed to be done.

About a month in to our work with Ryker, the biting and neurotic Shepherd, we had a lengthy discussion with Kate Sorensen of Montana Wilderness Reiki about his behavior and overall attitude and apparent “imbalance”. Skeptical but willing, we accepted her help and over the course of several weeks, to our astonishment, our new dog’s attitude took a shift. We thought at first that it must just be the length of time we’ve had him and that he’s “settling in here”. But the truth is, that during the time Kate was working with him at a distance, we had actually spent LESS time with him and have no other explanation to attest to his positive personality shift. Over the course of a month, Ryker the Shepherd has become more responsive to his new human family, nearly non aggressive to his K-9 brothers, has accepted the other farm animals as part of his pack, has stopped chewing on doors AND has begun only barking when a good shepherd should. 

He has truly begun to be part of the family as we had originally hoped he would become.  We can honestly say that there is no other explanation other than some sort of deeper understanding on his end, to which we can only attribute to Montana Wilderness Reiki. 

Rescuing animals can be a tough decision with taxing variables- we know after taking in, training and rehoming nearly one dozen dogs over the past 10 years! But now, we are hopeful that the process of acclimating a new dog can be far less complicated and pleasant for both man and beast with the results of this new technique introduced to us. 

Thank you Kate, your time has made all the difference.

Herb Waldruff, Large breed aggression/behavioral professional
Kalispell, Montana

Montana Wilderness Reiki