An online class is available to all people no matter where they are in the world and is just as effective, if not more so, than an in person class.  Write to me with any questions:

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Reiki?

It is interpreted as Universal Life Force Energy.  It is a noninvasive form of energy healing that works on the body, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

What will I learn from a Reiki class?

Self care through daily personal practice, lessons in offering Reiki to family or friends for illness, emergency or daily care, and best ways in offering Reiki to your pets or other animals. 

What will I experience from a Reiki class?
A Reiki class offers opportunities for using energy healing in daily life for yourself, your pets, and your family and friends.  The class will give you the confidence and ability to practice Reiki using sound ethics, compassion, grounding for self protection, and guidance in ways to use Reiki as part of your daily life.

Isn't a live class better than a teleclass?
My answer is NO.  There is a lot to learn and assimilate with Reiki and taking a class for one hour a week with practice and experience time in between classes allows students more opportunities to ask questions and receive guidance.  

Who are these classes intended for?
Reiki 1 is for anyone who has never taken Reiki before or someone who has had Reiki 1 with another teacher and wants a refresher course or wants to learn from a different teacher.  The same applies for Reiki 2 is for students who have had Reiki 1 and are ready for more.

What does the class consist of?
Each class will have an hour phone call where teaching is given and then the call will be opened up to an interactive session of questions and answers as well as sharing our homework.  There is also a private, interactive FB page where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and share their class experiences.  During the time of the class I am available to answer questions via email for participating students. 

How do I participate?

An email reminder will be sent out each week with the conference phone number and time.  There will also be some attachments to be printed off before some of the classes.  

What if I can’t be on the call live for one class date?
Every class is recorded and students will be sent a link via email on how to access the class if they were unable to attend live.

Will I receive an attunement during the class?
Yes, attunements are part of the class and will be done during the phone session.  A distant attunement is just as affective as an in-person one.  

What is an attunement?

​It is a process where energy/ intention/knowledge is channeled/sent/given from a Master/Teacher to a student.

What happens at the end of a class?

At the end of class, providing all requirements have been met, you will receive a certificate with your name, date and Reiki level you completed.  You will also receive a copy of the lineage of your Reiki teacher, in this case, that would be me.  The requirements are assignments to practice what you have learned and share this experience with the class, 

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Montana Wilderness Reiki


Always wanted to learn Reiki to benefit yourself, others or your animal companions??  Do you have the desire to help others??  Would you like to grow more in your self care?? Do you want to connect more with animals?   Then you will find Reiki to be a wonderful tool for all of the above.  

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Learn Reiki, Be Reiki, Share Reiki